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Thila Homam At Rameswaram

Thila Homam at Rameswaram is a powerful Vedic ritual done to appease one’s ancestors and to appease family members who have had an unnatural death. Thila homam is mainly performed as a remedy by any person suffering from Pitru Dosha in their horoscope. Performing this Thila Homam at Rameswaram is considered very auspicious and powerful.

This Homa is performed by people having :

  • Pitru Dosha in their Horoscopes
  • Untimely/ Sudden Death or Accident of immediate Family members
  • Not performing Pitru(ancestral) rituals/ Srardha / Tarpana Regularly
  • Facing Various Problems related to Marriage/ Job / Child Birth / Finances /Fights /Court & Cases
  • Experiencing Paranormal / Negative / Evil Occurrences in life

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Performing Thila Homam at Rameswaram, the pithrus (ancestors) are satisfied and they bestow their blessings not only on us but also on our children and grandchildren. Thila homam is performed at our Yagya shaala in Rameswaram. No place is more auspicious and powerful than this place. The shastra further says that even if one of the family members carries this sin, it will affect the others as well.

Hence, all the family members must attend this homam for full effect as it is done only once in a lifetime. Thila Homam is arranged for the peace of the souls who died unnaturally. When they remain restless it creates an adverse effect in our family and continues to generation to generation. Thila Homam helps the suffering soul to seek Moksha.


Why is Thila Homam at Rameswaram Performed ?

To get Nivaran from Pitru Dosha by satisfying our pitru. Not performing Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja / Pariharam will cause unrest or dissatisfaction for the pitru (ancestor), which will cause lot of obstacles like

  • Delay in child birth
  • Difficulty in settling in a job /Sudden Money Loss
  • Late marriage
  • No harmony among family members
  • Brings peace to the souls of your ancestors.

How Effective is Thila Homam ?

Known and unknown sins are removed and you get pitru asheervadam(blessings). Here the Mantra is not chanted as in the case of usual ancestors’s ceremony, rather it is mostly performed only once in a lifetime because we are not supposed to disturb our ancestor souls. This homam can help us to remove the Karmic burden.

How is Thila Homam at Rameswaram Performed ?

Thila (alias Gingelly) is offered in this homam. Lord Surya Bhagavan (sun) is worshiped in kalasha and mandala. Gayathri manthra and pitru dosha parihara mantras are chanted. Kalasha, phala and ajya daanas are given followed by Yama raja Pooja & homa then pinda pradanam is performed. Performing Thila homam at Rameswaram is very powerful and it gives Pitru-Moksha.

Benefits :

  • Performing thila homam helps in providing relief to the dead souls.
  • Thila Homam / Pitra Dosha Remedies helps in getting rid of Pitru dosham.
  • It provides relief from the sudden sufferings and worries in ones life.
  • Marriage related problems, child birth arising due to Pitru dosham can be overcome by performing thila homam.